In general use, herbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties that are used for flavoring …. Typically the dried leaves, flowers or seeds are used, or fresh herbs are used. Herbal teas tend to made from aromatic herbs, may not contain ….


Since inception, we have concentrated on ensuring quality control over the herbs we export. We have developed appropriate quality checks at both the farm and pack house.

Our herbs are ethically grown and harvested on the farm and exhibit the incredible vitality that flows through our land. we carefully monitor the chain from the first seed being planted in the ground, through the growing and harvesting until the moment the product reaches the market, thereby being able to guarantee that you only get the freshest herbs.

From the moment the produce is harvested, it is important to get it to its final destination in the shortest timespan possible in order to preserve the freshness and make sure our clients are able to make the most of these wonderful herbs.

Through our great inland transportation network with controlled temperature and our experience in the export industry, we are able to make sure this time span is as short as possible.

From the farms to the food market, we are there every step of the way to guide you in selecting the best herbs, against competitive prices and with superb service. Come and take advantage of our knowledge and network as you seek to export the best herbs.

Growing herbs is our passion. We offer the most thorough selections of culinary herbs. Uganda blessed with one of the best favorable climates for agriculture in the world, our herbs are grown both in Greenhouses and open fields to ensure consistency of supply throughout the year.

Consistency of Supply

Our operating expertise, technology and existing equipment designs facilitate the expedited production and export of herbs to support its participation in overseas markets.

Top Quality

NutroGreen Agro ensure to premium quality and reliability among buyers globally. We are committed to quality production and packaging of fresh produce to meet the strictest standards

Fresh Chives

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Coriander, also known as Chinese parsley, the stems and leaves of which are usually called cilantro in North America. Read More…

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Coriander Leaves-Cilantro and Seeds (Coriandrum sativum)