Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate entity, the company has invested and is involved in the following CSR projects

  • Education
    Support of various learning institutions, most notably mityana.
  • Health
    The company planning to offers free voluntary counseling and testing to the neighboring communities from its VCT center as a means of combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  • Infrastructure
    The company maintains a vast network of roads infrastructure within the farm area and around.
  • Environment
    Nurseries where seedlings are sold to farmers at subsidized prices for Macadamia and avocado.
  • Water
    We have done many bore holes in several district so far and we are planning to developed several water points to provide clean drinking water to neighboring schools and communities.



Health is a very important sector that has been emphasized by the corporate CSR committee and is being implemented accordingly. Our company is planning to open a health clinic in 2020 to serve the community and workers in the company as well.


Environment conservation

  • In all the farms, there are adequate buffer zones left as insectaries, animals’ corridors and beetle banks these are treated as no spray zones.
  • Where the farms bonder wildlife conservation areas, electric fences will be put to minimize human/ wildlife conflicts.
  • We are working closely NFA Uganda Forestry service to conserve the animals and other natural resources close to our reach.
  • All the farms have conformed to the national regulation of 10% tree cover on each farm. we target to continuously increase this through yearly planting.
  • Windbreakers being established alongside greenhouses and along access roads.

Perimeter road along fence line acts as firebreaks.